Forgive Me Lord

Lord I now you are the king of my kings
I live in a deadly sin and I am sorry
If only I know how sad it make you be
Forgive me for I am guilty
I am virgin psychically but a freak mentally
I commit fornication with my mind and body
I am sorry for I robbed your temple
With filth and ugliness I sabotaged your house
I know you are great and almighty
I give you praise and all the glory
I exalt your name with worship truthfully
So now I beg on my knees, please forgive me
My gracious father my God the creator
In your name please make me fully better
You the awesome Alpha and Omega please make me stronger
Through your mercy I won again greater
You love me and died for me because I am a sinner
Please Jesus Christ be my ultimate savior
My father lord please forgive me now not later
Thank you Jesus, JEHOVAH for your blood of forgiveness
and being my forgiver

by Gregory PierreJerome

Comments (4)

Hi Sophia - My page told me that people who like my poetry also like yours. After reading this little beauty, I consider it a compliment. Blessings - Cheryl Moyer
the woven tapestry of Your poetry is a heaven sent gift. It's like watching the slow motion takeoff and flight of a dove. Each piece of Art is head and shoulders above the crowd.
Paints a lovely picture with each stroke of your pen! wondeful! love starr
Sophia, I love your poems. Keep writing Anjana