A "Wow Pledge" At The Morehouse College 2019 Commencement

That was shocking! Oh! Yes, that was an enormous surprise
To the Morehouse graduating class of twenty nineteen
That was a "wow pledge", which nobody has never heard of or seen
Such a generous gift, nobody ever made such a promise
To pay off the entire student' loans of a college graduating class
Robert Frederick Smith is a real brother, a giant who cares
About our community and the world. It is like planting
Millions of trees where the land is fertile. This brother dares
To be a great Philanthropist for not only the graduating
Class of 2019, but for all of us who will somehow benefit
From this magnanimous pledge. I am included and I feel good
I feel good for these brothers and their families. This is food
For thoughts. I feel full of hope and positivism. I really feel it
Because when hope is at the corner, success is forthcoming
Our success should be shared. At times, we should always aid
Each other, and the less fortunate. Brother Smith had made
It, reached the American dream and he is proudly sharing
His wealth with the world. These brothers of Morehouse College
Are from countless of the world; I'm happy for this divine pledge
More power and success to everybody who is positive and optimistic
About life, Mother Nature and the future. I can never be pessimistic
About tomorrow. Robert F. Smith made a very important point
"Don't be bitter, be better". It's nice to lead and to be in front
A jubilant graduating class and their proud families. God is Love
A donor is a wholly blessed person. Hope and a few doves are flying above
I want to thank Brother Robert Frederic Smith for such a great gift
On behalf of the world. Keep on lifting our spirit high and have faith.

P.S. Morehouse College is the Alma Mater of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Copyright © May 2019, Hébert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hébert Logerie is an author of several books of poetry.

by Hebert Logerie

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Yes, that was an enormous surprise which had influenced the guardian culture. This poem is very nicely and brilliantly penned.10