To My Belle'oved!

I'll narrate our story in a Shakespearean way
I am not allowed to love you
‘Coz sooner than later, I'll be leaving you.
I'll just keep it, till my last breath.
Hurting you will be never be an option.

Our story was a bit Shakespeare inspired
You can never know that I am dying, so with my feelings unto you.
Selfishness, Yes! It could be?
But pardon me baby, if this is my only way.
What can I do, if I scare myself from losing you?

But if you could wait for me to next life
A vow not just a promise
There, maybe I can be brave enough
To roar this love that I keep inside
And there, I need not more a loudhailer
Just hear my heart, how will your name shall be whispered.

But still baby pardon me,
if the next life seemed to be out of sight.
Just don't get too excite!
Baby just you wait,
till the time is right

by JhennyRose Montecillo

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'A Wreath To The Fish' ('una ghirlanda per il pesce') ..I like also the title.. ;)
In a tumnel of cold! Thanks for sharing.
This is the kind of writing style that I crave- -it has such texture and flow and depth and imagery and excellence!
Wonderful oem, I liked it. A thought provoking poem indeed.
Really enjoyed the imagery in this one.
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