041611j Mom Is With Me

we keep that good bond
that at one time i told her
about my teacher not treating
me right, next day she was there
ready to battle any odds, oh my!
i felt very important, i can feel tears

nobody in that school mistreated
me again; i came short to top
at end of grade school my mother
is happy and so do i but i don't
like those flowers on my neck, itchy
i endure it with smile i want her happy

i'm writing my recollection about
my mother as a reminder to mom's
that we kids does keep in mind
lots of things concerning our mom's
and of course we remember at

by Manonton Dalan

Comments (9)

'A Wreath To The Fish' ('una ghirlanda per il pesce') ..I like also the title.. ;)
In a tumnel of cold! Thanks for sharing.
This is the kind of writing style that I crave- -it has such texture and flow and depth and imagery and excellence!
Wonderful oem, I liked it. A thought provoking poem indeed.
Really enjoyed the imagery in this one.
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