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A Wrecked Ship Waiting A Life...
NC (14 November 1982 / Chandigarh)

A Wrecked Ship Waiting A Life...

Poem By Naveen Choudary

People says, am drowsy
A stasis, Future gloomy

World's given a Fire
When I Needed an Ice

Just asked for love
You thought thrice

Soft-Serene heart in Agony's, totally shocked
World's Extreme envies, heart forever rocked

Straned Aloof, alike orphan
Loneliness proofs, loves is not just fun

Yes am drowsy, a stasis, a retarded ship

A lull, before storm
dead serene
Before a thunderstorm

Years am bearing your tides
A lull swearing, a transformation belies

Fearing away my fears
Life's a great mentor be no tears

Yes am drowsy, a lull a stasis

Remember longer a wine ferments
Turns aromatic, tasteful, more redolents

Envy, hatred flooded a life
A ray of optimism, still a rife

Destiny sets me extirpated
Determined am
palm routes renacted

Your speculations, edgy comments
Puns meant, doesn't torments

Fire, fire in the heart's crust
Lava's burning, set the valcano burst
Tremor's set the world's apart
Will rock and quash the envies depart

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