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A Writer And The Value Of Readers

My people are my life blood
Their comments are my heart
Without readers, I would fall prey to self hate
Thank you all
For every single one of you is the reason that I write
If my mind is filled with silence you fill it with noise
When I am feeling lonely
I can count on my readers to make sure I am loved
A writer and their readers
Walk hand in hand
If there is not one
Then how is the other expected to live on

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We readers love good poetry as yours, always remember....each poem you write is a star that shines in poetry, I will be reading your poetry from here on, if you wish read my poem..Dead Rain..I wrote it after I deleted about 100 poems from this site, a dear poet Sandra Feldman encouraged me in my poetry after I deleted them and that's why I'm still here, and now I stopped deleting knowing that a few read them is enough for me, you are a good poet my friend.: -)
Very nicely depicted the relation between a writer and readers... I liked very much the presentation.. particularly the lines- ''If there is no one Then how is the other expected to live on ''