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A Writer's Journal

Poem By Max Reif

Went to Kinko's last night
to copy my manuscripts. Ha!
Everybody else thought their work
was as important as mine—
even that guy with his
family reunion album.
He'll find out soon enough!

Ruined another $80,000
xerox machine trying to scratch
the white-out from my pages off the glass.
Patience, Max. let it dry first:
that makes 3 machines this year,

but these will be trivial expenses
when I sell the movie rights.

Got nabbed taking extra packets
of Equal at Barnes & Noble,
stuffing them in my pockets
after sweetening my coffee.

Now I'm banned from all 819
Barnes & Noble stores.
They'll be sorry. I'm going
to ask for a written apology
before I let them carry my book.

Meanwhile, have to appear
for Petty Theft, the 18th.
I can still go to Borders,
so no big deal.

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Comments (9)

Absolutely hilarious, loved it! Hugs Anna xxx
Dear Max, Just what the doctor ordered. Man, did I ever need some hearty laughs and you provided them. Thanks buddy.
Ah....dreams....yes.....they are what life is all about. May I still call you Max, well, when you're famous?
Your messy day (life?) made me laugh. I like your revenge! Linda
What fun! ! ! You might enjoy my poem about the martini. I haven't posted yet, but watch out. BFS