FK (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)

A Writer's Quest

My quest for the 'extended metaphor' is flowing
into the daily beat of my typical day.

Something of my day is breathing out meaning and song -
expressing and teaching me with whispers that can blare so loudly
that their silence flashes blindingly with a brilliance that shadows
the darkness and illumines the gentle curves of Truth.

My quest takes me on a journey where I can no longer lay back and watch the rising and setting of the sun, the moon, and yes, even the stars that crown a head filled with dreams and thoughts in that sable field that is beyond and within us....

Something of this day shall imprint itself in my soul and yell out invectives.... grabbing my shoulders and throttling my awareness.

My quest requires that I take on my gear and trek the unknown twists and turns, the unchartered horizons, and risk the possible heartache....
it compels me to be the sun, the moon, and yes, even the stars - traversing the vast expanse of universal experience....

Something in this day shall filter into my nights nagging and wailing, crooning and serenading - lifting my spirits with its rise and ebb.... and as I float on midnight blues and obsidian hues, I sense one thought forming:

My quest is yours, and the universality of human experience shall meld our separate yet mirrored conditions into a unified expression of what we vainly and clumsily perceive and call 'love'.

by Frederick Kesner

Comments (2)

I like the way this one flows. Very nice. Indeed. Amicalement votre. Ronberge.
Frederick I have something to learn from you I think. This poem is just amazing. I love how you have some rhymes set into the middle of the stanzas or paragraphs. Very explanatory, and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment when im done, Like I reached the point u were at when writing it. Again Frederick amazing.