A Writer Scorned - Rejected Gift - Heart Too Tender

She ripped at his inner most thoughts, tearing out the peace within his mind.
Shredding his flesh like a ribbon caught in a tornado,
she flung his happiness to the frigid ground.
Fire flew from her eyes, lighting up the night
with a passion of hate unlike she had ever known.
Heart once so sweet, and tender now broken by the words
from a face now unseen from blinding rage.
Spells shall be cast unto the winds of fate,
mingled with a furious tongue lashing out in defiance.
Offered gift, rejection, pain, hurt, incomprehension.
Where does one seek answers, she wonders as she looks
up into the stormy night sky. Black as her soul,
wet as the tears which have fallen upon her heart this night.
Bows she down in a defeated posture of pure sadness, and anger.
His motionless body now serves as her shrine to those
who would follow in his footsteps.
Tread lightly on those whose toes are tender,
for their souls are lit with hate easily when crossed.

by Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

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