A Yawn Of Subdued Lives

Poem By Raj Arumugam

we love words
and unwilling to exert, to see for ourselves
we grasp at revelations, at what others can tell us;
and we suckle at concepts and ideas
and pronouncements
and ready-made phrases and formulas:
‘according to so-and-so’, and ‘according to tradition’
‘according to the Book’;
and we make mountains of our lies
and as if we know deep inside of our own pretences
we are intolerant of other people’s lies;
and so we love words
and unwilling to dive deep below
(it is too much of a bother, too much trouble)
we are content to remain shallow
and die after a yawn of subdued lives

Comments about A Yawn Of Subdued Lives

Love the title and the concept in here.
Reminds of the words of a song sung by a band called Jars of Clay: 'Blessed are the shallow, Depth they'll never find'. There I go again...unwilling to exert and see for myself, grasping at revelations and at what others can tell me :)) Your work lets me know that I have much to aspire to. Thanks, roshni.
very true..that's what we exactly do..we don't live
u truly understand life perfectly..amazing write!

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