A Year Ago Today

Once I had a sweetheart,
that I loved so much
I was thrilled to be with her
now I hunger for her touch,
she was going to see her mother,
she would soon be back again,
there will never be another,
she was more than just a friend,
as she got on the airplane
I was filled with dread,
an hour after takeoff
my sweetheart, she was dead,
terrorists took over the airplane
they did it with a smile,
but soon a bunch of heroes
came running down the aisle,
people started screaming
there was fighting all around,
the plane went into a nose dive
and crashed into the ground,
there were no survivors
all aboard were killed,
I hope they catch all terrorists
and their blood is spilled,
now my heart is lonely
at the close of each day,
I think about her only
and get on my knees and pray,
I pray to God in heaven,
I pray to God above,
to protect my sweetheart,
and to give her all his love,
my heart is oh so empty
since my sweetheart went away,
she got on that fatal flight,
just a year ago today.

written by Harry Bryant �
sept 11,2002
all rights reserved

written for all the ladies on those planes
they too deserve recognition. HFB

this poem is purely my imagination, based on known facts.
I didn't know anyone on those planes. Harry

by Harry Bryant

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