A Year Ago Today

We saw you last a year ago today.
A harsh November wind blew wild and cold;
The city lights below were on display
And all your words and smiles were spun with gold.

Posted: Maintenance, the tram would not run.
Plenty of time we said, another day.
Balanced on the rocks, saw the setting sun
Skipped along the path and laughed, another day.

We remember the fragrance of your hair
Your kiss, and the soft warmth of your embrace.
Your kind and gentle humor, always fair;
Our last day, honored by your grace.

The earth has traveled once around the sun
And all your plans and smiles have gone away.
Our years of regret have just begun
As we live without you still, another day.

Proud Soldiers must go where they are called
And the best are called to special gates.
We face the loss of Good and are appalled
When time is cut by whimsy of the Fates.

(November 2, 2003; Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Copyright ©2003

by Sarah L. Johnsen

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