A Year Full Of Memories

Man begins the year after a cold Winter
And in need of hope and revival...
He welcomes the early splendour of new buds
For they serve as the heralds of new life...
Daffodils brighten up a faded garden
And therefore bless us in a spiritual way,
Just as the sight of the first butterfly...
A flitting red admiral can make us smile,
Thrill us and fill our hearts with wonder.

Summer holidays are known for children at play.
The 'orrible 'omework is finished for a while!
Outside the house is a brave new world!
The glorious garden is now a place to party!
The sunshine treasure trove starts early
And though it fades late in the evening
It still retains its welcomed warmth...

Autumn has its own treasure trove, the harvest,
Gleaned from a generous Mother Earth.
Once upon a time this was a special event,
It galvanised a community into action -
As the harvest was safely gathered in...
Beyond the open scenario of the stripped fields,
The trees are conserving their strength.
They are retreating their life's blood...
Spindly branches clawing it back into themselves,
As protection against the fierce force of the winds
And the harshness of the coldness to come...

Man retreats to the warmth of his homefire
And makes himself as cosy as he can, still in prayer,
Facing the future in the bosom of his family...
October fades and November is born, only to pass us by,
And Christmas begins to nestle its way into our hearts.
To those that believe, this is the time of good cheer,
Giving and seeing a child's eyes sparkle with joy...
Therefore thanksgiving is in the air
And the Lord is on our minds and in our hearts
Bestowing upon us the memories of the year...

by Denis Martindale

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