I saw the rose from afar, admiring its beauty
In time the beauty was not enough and I moved closer
I stopped to see that the rose was battered
But the beauty still shined through so I admired it from where I was
Again the rose taunted me with its beauty
I dropped to my knees and saw that the rose had torn leaves
But the beauty shined through still capturing me
The rose teased me, tempted me further
I leaned in the fragrance was like paradise
Then I saw that the rose had thorns
But I closed my eyes ignoring them
Inhaled deeply drinking in the paradise
Feeling of pure bliss washed over me
An uncontrollable urge swept through me
I grasped hold of the rose eyes still closed
The thorns sliced my skin
Snatching my hand away
I opened my eyes only to find a pile of ashes where the rose once stood
My hand bleeding with thorn still in the wound
And the beauty was gone
The smell had vanished
But the ashes still remained

copyright Alayna Hoblik

by Lily Bellefluer

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