On Cloning

If I were cloned which would I be,
I, myself, yours truly, or me?
Coud my clone be me and I'd be she,
Our beings used interchangeably?
Would my thoughts be shared by my clone,
Would I never think on my own?
If my clone and I were placed on a shelf,
Would that mean I was beside myself?
If we all had clones would we find
There could never be one of a kind?
What of my need to be alone,
Is there no privacy with a clone?
If I were cloned like peas in a pod,
Would this confound and upset God?
My ego is such I want to be free
From ever knowing there's another like me.

by M M. Marshall

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Comments (9)

This poem took me to the other world for moments. I think this is the feature of ART, Excellent.
I really loved this poem! Especially the last two verses. Beautifully composed!
Who is referred to in the line: Who, not to bless me, would not moan.? The protagonist would fit into the Hollywood scene today.
Robotic Reading.....
He sat beside me! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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