'A Yellow Day'

A yellow day coming we heard of it
Just the very expected time of our lives
For such several years of no reunion as we eat
Our mouths are becoming shorter beyond believes
Never far beyond our visibility do we talk

Who is to hear the other one whisper?
Distance we knew was a barrier to this scenario
The journey our legs has been longing to nitch
This water we have been longing to drink
We never knew these could be done with a minute call

Behold a yellow day, behold a better day
For this happens impromptu everywhere you go
With my friends and families we could talk
Even till daybreak with extracool amount
We know these would one day spark up a new day

Lovers are now like two sources of ocean
For they seems distant yet connected
A journey of five days now accomplished
In a fleeting jiffy, oh! What a happy day
With my 07036482963 MTN my distance pathfinder.

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

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