A Yellow Rose

The old gate clicks, and down the walk,
Between clove-pink and hollyhock,
Still young of face though gray of lock,
Among her garden's flowers she goes
At evening's close,
Deep in her hair a yellow rose.

by Madison Julius Cawein Click to read full poem

Comments (12)

Beautiful poem.thank you poet
Love eternal! How enchanting and beautiful!
An awesome poem interesting much.
......a lovely tribute to someone special... perhaps the poet's grandmother ★
Some things are universal- be the reader young or living in an igloo or mansion, this poems strikes a chord deep within us all. The beauty of love at the close of life.
Very beautiful poem Madison well done
At evening's close; with the muse of life, love and peace. Nice work.
Passionate love keeping tryst with yellow rose and ripening with passage of time yet maintaining freshness. Excellent write. Enjoyed the poem.10+++
A beautiful picture created of a lady living in an old gabled home young of face with greying locks, she keeps her tryst with yellow rose from her garden, so special for her and her love, which he had placed once long ago with a kiss in her locks declaring his love forever.. sweet melody..thank you for sharing this poem.
I like the way the writer blends love with nature. beautifully written I'd say
I like this poem, its interesting
I like this poem, its interesting