A Yoga Guru, Ram Dev

A bearded look,
Hiding his expression beneath it,
Once claimed to be the champion of
Anti-corruption movement,
Now crouched under his yoga carpet,
And curruption has become a nightmare for him,
For someone else has taken the whole credit,
He is a yoga guru who has some political aspirations to serve,
He is suffering from the disease of nationalism,
And thus has a narrow outlook,
It appears that he has no faith in 'VASUDEVA KUTUMBKUM',
Claims to be a friar though drowned
In the ocean of wealth upto the neck,
From his patriotism to his idealism,
Everything seems to be artificial,
For he is adept in preaching only,
And remains miles away from practice.

by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Comments (1)

Well said, his only intention was to get into politics, by hook or crook, a full 10 for your guts my friend