A You Who

If there is a little man
that lives on my shoulder
and tells me 'no' when
I am tempted,
then why sometimes
I don't hear from him
when I need him most?

If there is a angel bright
who leads me at all times
to the light
then pray tell
how did I end up here
in the dark?

If I am the observer of all this
then why do I not convene on this
a conference between the two?
And lets include the Devil too
for he surely has a role here too.

At the conference I say:
'Now listen angel and little man
what is going on here?
What good are guardians who
at precisely the wrong times?
What guide is this who abandons
the trail when danger looms? '

The angel said in her defense
said, 'I do speak out but you
close your ears
I yell, I scream, but to no avail.
Hoarse, I give up thinking the little man will take over.'

The little man said 'I am thinking the same thing
except in reverse.'

The Devil lounged in the back ground and said nothing
until I accosted him and asked 'What is your story? '
He stirred slowly, saying 'Story I have none, but I will
comment upon the obvious truth here.

You are part them and you are part me.
And each time you hear those voices
mine and theirs
it is you my friend that is making that choice
don't foist it off on them and me.

'I' I said outraged. 'I am the cause of all this?
'Yes they all said. 'Because in fact, you are the only one in the room.'

We are just people you made up to remind yourself that you are you.'

by Lonnie Hicks

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