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A Young And New Sailor
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A Young And New Sailor

Leaving the home for money,
Heart is heavy,
Eyes are teary,
Body is weary,
O, sailor, don't be choosy.

Sea is risky,
Wind is speedy,
Giant waves are scary,
Sun is gloomy,
Day is rainy,
Night is spooky,
Darkness is eerie,
Weather is trickery,
O, sailor, don't be bunny,
I must be brave and mighty.

Food is creamy,
Soup is runny,
To a Burmese palate, it is not tasty,
What I like is chilli and spicy,
O, sailor, no way to be fussy.

Engine is noisy,
Tossing and turning in bed which is squeaky,
Spend the night never sleepy,
Mind filled with anxiety,
Sorrow drowned in Brandy,
Home-sickness strikes severely,
O, sailor, I must wake up very early.

Head is dizzy,
Life is lonely,
Money is scanty,
Saving it very thriftily,
Spending will be stingy,
Sacrifice is plenty,
O, sailor, don't be whiny.

I am glad to do these for my family,
Thinking of them makes me happy,
My wife is my ' only ',
My kids are my ' lovely '

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a feeling of hope that is a family in the world of restlessness.
i like yours too. thanks for your comment