V.Mayakovsky, Listen! - Translation (Rus.)

If they burn the stars,
Then - that's the need to them!
Then - they like them to be in real?
Then - they name those spits as a pearl?
And, having been overstrained
In the noon dust blizzards,
To burst in the god's room,
Scared that they were late,
Kissing his gnarled hand,
Asking -
That they do have their stars! -
Swearing -
That they can't bear that torment without stars!
And then
They are going anxious,
But silent in the face.
Saying somebody:
'Is this the real end?
Are you feared?
No? ! '
If they burn the stars,
Then somebody has the need of that?
Then - it is necessary,
That every evening
Above the roofs
There might be shining a star in any way? !

by Lyudmila Purgina

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