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A Young Man From Warrnambool

He hails from from the place where the Hopkins crawls slow
As near to the ocean it does silently flow
Where he first saw light of day and where he went to school
The young man from the old City of Warrnambool

From his first home City he now lives far away
In Northern New South Wales in the Town of Byron Bay
With a young wife a son of five and a daughter of three
Like all he follows the ways of his life's destiny

In Warrnambool where he first saw light of day
He was one who was not destined for to stay
He met and fell in love with a Byron Bay beauty and with her settled down
And he is happy to live in the sub tropical Town

His mum and dad and only sibling his younger sister live in Warrnambool
Where the weather at most times is windy and cool
South of Byron Bay at least eighteen hours by car
To most people in distance such a journey seems far.

by Francis Duggan

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