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A Young Mans Question

Where am I going, What is my goal?
What is my purpose in life?
Will I be strong and able to bare,
The futures storms and strife?

Have I been taught the right way to go?
Have my parents been honest with me?
Or have they painted a picture so white,
It's brightness will not let me see.

Have they given me the will to complete,
To help me along the way?
Have they taught me to meet temptation head on,
And the strength not to back away.

Have they helped me to solve the problems of youth?
Have they stopped to listen to me?
So they realize the world of today,
Is not like it used to be.

Have they showed me the world around me is real,
And not enclosed me in a shell?
Am I really prepared for the trails I will face,
I hope, only time will tell.

by Harry Conte

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