A Youngster's Words

' Daddy look.
Look daddy,
See what I can do -
A hippersault!
I cannot know how
Yesternight but now I do it! '

' Daddy look - look here,
I cutted my finger -
I falled down on the street.
Can you kiss it and make it better? '

' Daddy,
Wadie's Ma
Crashed my bike
With her car -
She popped the wheel
On the back.
Can you fix it?
Mommy said you can. '

You smile to yourself
And think,
' Well, she's only three. '

' Look Master,
Master look.
Master look.
Master see!
I do it well?
Yes? '

The Master looks.
The Master sees.
The Master smiles.

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

by Mike Barrett

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