A Yuletide Tale Of A Rusty Nail

It was Christmas eve in the valley
The miners came up from the pit,
They came out of the cage picked up their wage
And went home for a shower and a shave.

Yes it was Christmas eve in valley
The beer flowed from the barrels.
And the valley choir in warm attire
Was out singing their Christmas carols.

But no holiday for the girl in grey,
A district nurse named Megan Reedy,
Over vale and hill with bandage and pill,
She would cycle to succour the needy.

Now Yanto Reece Morgan known as the organ
For reasons I dare not explain
Had sat on a nail which had punctured his tail,
Had turned septic and was causing great pain.

With a sob and a curse he sent for the nurse,
And she came to his aid Christmas day,
She said, ”An inspection might detect an infection
So let`s look at your bum right away”.

Morgan was a guy who was just a bit shy,
But she had his trousers off him in a trice
And the thing that she saw struck her with awe
And made her quietly whisper, “There`s nice”.

She packed her portmanteau to live with with Yanto
Forty years of great happiness and fun
Every year without fail they worship a nail,
That nailed them both together as one.

by archie langford

Comments (6)

I can even hear your lovely Welsh accent as I'm reading through this one Arcgie - - what a hoot you are and it is beautifully put together too. a 10 yet again from Fay.
amazing storyline...very nicely portrayed..........Cheers
What can I say. This is a knockout poem, hilarious to read. Very well constructed and a great storyline. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX Best wishes for the New Year.
LOL! You are so clever Arcie! ! ! What a tale of passion! ! I love this! Hugs, Dee
I loved it, Archie. You have great style and wit! ! Keep 'em coming! Marilyn
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