A Zero Man

His pocket is empty
His heart
At the full
Not too intelligent

by Per. Nig. Click to read full poem

Comments (21)

Well-penned, yes there are people who are not recognized for the good things they do!
A good poem and a good man who should be judged differently by the society...
well done- good poem- I like it! x
abeautifully penned poem but i think he is a rich and a happy man..10+++
true this man is hero, nice poem
this zero man is a hero man too..mahatma was one such man
Very nice, flow is good too +8
i wanted to read it in the end but i feel sorry that i should've read it first 7+
Nice poem. It feels so warming to know that there is one more good person in a world full of terror.
wow. what a beautiful title! that was really nice.
nice just as said the tie.
a nice tribute to A ZERO MAN.
rich in thought provoking content
in emptiness everything exists and in you ahh...poetry...
Very deep Persian my friend......Zero is not of less value, the mind travels with this one......great job..10 from me best wishes Jon.
very good, keep up the good work Persian! ! ! ! . love from Em
Well, a zero man rather seems to be a great man! Of course, the meaning of 'zero' is very provoking here... to make think further :) 10!
It is very good, nightingale... Tsira
well said, amir... true...all good men have zero pockets and hearts full...a poem short in length but broad in its meaning
Zero man=hero. Gives everything to the people in need. Lovely!