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A Zero - Sum Game

A Zero - Sum Game

A Zero - Sum Game

Not profit, No loss: A zero- sum game,
If you tell by tongue or by heart, the holy name - -
Even a rosary of pearls will avail naught
Listen to the sound of soul by your heart,
The sound, like a strait of water,
joins the two seas - -
brackish, and the sweet sea,
If you desire to know the eternal truth,
Take the cup from the sweet sea - - filled with the water of truth
If you know not " The Truth", hide in a pagan temple
In the eyes of the law, hypocrites are not Mumineen - -
Even if they tell beads, say prayers, and read the Qurān,
Within every body is hidden a soul,
As within a walnut is hidden the light.
The verse, "Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth, " proves it.


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