A03 Man And Woman

Poem By Simple Simon

1. The Disobedience of Man

At first, naked were man, woman,
But they didn’t feel ugly then.
Together as husband and wife,
Merrily, they both spent their life.

The snake approached the woman
And posed a cunning question:
'The one fruit that's forbidden
Did God say not be taken? '

“Yes, ” she replied, “Except the one
In the middle of the garden,
We may die once touched or taken.
All other fruits can be eaten.'

The snake said slyly, 'That's not true;
For, Death will never visit you;
God knows, you will be like God,
Once you find what's good and bad.'

'He wants you not be wise.
So, He has spoken to you lies! '
The woman believed what it said.
Eating the fruit, she shouldn't be dead!

The tempting sight of the fruit,
Enticed her heart to go for it.
'Why not I become like God wise? '
She thought, 'Will it not be so nice? '

The forbidden fruit, the woman ate,
And gave her husband too to eat.
Its reaction came very fast
They found themselves 'wiser' at last!

They grew aware that they were naked.
In fig leaves they got quickly dressed.
The Lord came back that evening,
And found the two missing.

Behind the trees they were,
But He called the man near.
'Oh God, naked now I'm
To see you, afraid I'm'

'Adam, did you eat the fruit,
The one I forbade you to eat? '
'That you're naked now
Well, you know it how?

The man answered,
'I ate, My Lord,
The fruit was but given
To me by the woman.'

'Why did you do this? ' God asked.
Eve replied Him, 'I was tricked
By the cunning snake
Which forced me to take! '

2. God Pronounces Judgement

The Lord then told the snake,
'This curse you shall take.
Henceforth, on your belly,
You'll crawl physically.'

'Lifelong, you will eat dust.
And remain a cursed beast.
The woman will hate you,
And you will hate her too.'

'Her offspring will crush,
Your head when you rush.
You'll bite their heel.
A fatal pain they'll feel.'

He said to the woman,
'You'll suffer with labor pain
While delivering your child,
Yet, crave you'll for your husband.'

He then said to the man,
'You listened to the woman.
Why you ate the fruit,
When I told not to eat? ”

'You'll work hard in the field
To eke your livelihood.
You’ll have to work hard
To remove thorns and weeds.”

'You'll eat wild plant.
For that you've to sweat,
And work hard in the soil,
To make it produce well.'

'You came from the soil,
You'll go back to the soil.'
Thus God gave them each
A lesson for them to teach.

Adam was that first man.
Eve was that first woman,
To all humankind a father,
And a mother, forever.

God saw them both naked.
From animal skins He made.
Clothes and covered them.
He was still merciful to them.

3. Adam and Eve Sent Out of the Garden

The Lord God said then,
'Man has become one
Like us in Heaven,
With 'Good and bad' known.'

'The fruit that gives life forever,
The man shouldn't eat ever.'
So, from the Garden of Eden,
The Lord chased them out then.

God decreed:

“The man, who came from the soil,
He’ll go back to the same soil;
His sweat will fall on the soil.
He’ll grow food-crops by toil.”

An Angel stood on guard,
With a flaming sword;
For both man and woman
Eden was shut down.

Comments about A03 Man And Woman

There's nothing simple about this, Simon...
Wowza! ! ! ! The bible, as never told before! ! ! This was a fantastic poem...I really enjoyed this read! ! Hugs, Dee
A fine rendering of the end of innocence. Expressed with good taste and commendable simplicity.. Sandra

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