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A04 Cain And Abel

1. Mankind's First Murder!

Adam and Eve begot a son,
Whose name was Cain.
Later, their second son,
Abel was born.

Immense pleasure it gave them.
They thanked God for the same;
A farmer Cain became.
A shepherd Abel became.

Days passed; harvest was over.
Cain came up with his offer
Of part of the harvest to God,
But it was rejected by the Lord.

The first lamb born,
To a sheep in his flock,
Abel killed and offered.
It was accepted by God.

Cain took it serious.
He became furious.
He scowled in anger.
He could bear it no longer.

The Lord said, 'Oh Cain,
On your face I see only sin,
For what all you've done,
And why do you frown? '

Cain couldn't swallow the insult.
And the expectant result-
He took Abel to his field,
And on the spot he killed.

'Where's Abel? ' God asked.
'I don't know, ' Cain said.
'Am I Abel’s keeper? ' he added.
Cain just lied to God.

God said, 'Abel's blood,
Is crying in your field,
And for revenge it’s calling.
Now why are you lying? ”

'You must face this curse-
Your land will be of no use
As it's soaked in blood,
It'll produce no food.'

'You'll be a wanderer.
Homeless you'll go forever.
You're punished for your greed,
And for your misdeed.'

'Oh Lord, it's too hard one,
For me to suffer this pain.
I'll be killed by anyone,
Who finds me alone.'

'No, ” God said and willed,
Seven lives will be killed
In revenge for this act, '
God assured him on that.

With this mark on his head,
Then Cain went ahead.
Wandering, he lived in
A place, east of Eden.

2. The Descendants of Cain

Cain and his wife had a son,
A city he built for his son.
Enoch was his son's name.
The city's name was same!

Irad was Enoch's son,
Mehujael was Irad's son.
The son of Mehujael
Was the one, Methushael.

Methushael had a son,
Lamech was the one,
Who married first Adah
And the second Zillah.

Adah gave birth to Jabal
Zillah gave birth to Jubal.
Jabal grew up as a farmer.
Jubal as a harp and flute player.

Zillah gave birth to Tubal Cain,
Who made tools of bronze and iron.
Naamah was the sister of Tubal Cain.
They all were descendants of Cain.

To his wives Lamech said,
'A young man I killed,
As down he struck me
And this you'll hear me.'

'If seven lives are taken,
To pay for killing Cain,
Seventy-seven will be taken
If I'm killed by anyone.'

3. Seth and Enosh

Adam had another son
His wife told, 'One more son
The Lord God gave us again
In place of Abel, killed by Cain.'

So, she named him Seth
Enosh was the son of Seth.
The holy name of the Lord,
Then the people worshipped.

by Simple Simon

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A fine, intelligent retelling of the tragic story of how murder first came into the world. Praise for these vivid and compelling verses. Kind regards, Sandra