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A06 The Mankind

1. The wickedness of Mankind

In numbers, girls increased,
Among mankind that spread.
Some looked so beautiful
That men with valour fell.

They took their choicest girls;
Yet, they lived as mortals
No longer than a hundred
And twenty years in the world!

This combination of immortals
With the chosen women mortals,
It gave birth to famous men,
Heroes and giant-like men.

God saw the growing wickedness,
And man's ungodliness,
With object of creation defeated,
He regretted why man, He'd created?

He said, 'I'll wipe out all,
Including bird and animal.'
God liked just Noah among them,
A descendant of Adam.

2. God-Chosen Noah!

Noah was God's chosen man!
This way, his life-story began.
With sons, Japheth, Ham, Shem,
Noah lived happily with them.

In fellowship with God he lived,
His good conduct the Lord liked.
Everywhere violence spread.
God felt this state was very bad.

He told Noah, 'Go and build a boat.
Make it a strong one to float
O’er the flood I shall create,
All the evil lives to be wiped out.'

'A pair of male and female
Of every kind of animal
And bird, you take with you,
So they'll survive too.'

'Enough of food you must carry,
To keep you free from all worry.
Everything will be wiped out.
But not those in your boat.

Noah did what God said;
To destination new, he led
Everyone in his boat,
In God's guided route.

(The size of the boat God told
Noah to build was 133 meters
long,22 meters wide,13 meters
height with a roof leaving a
space of 44 centimeters
between the roof and the sides.
The boat had three decks with
side doors made of good timber,

by Simple Simon

Comments (2)

Dear Simon, You are doing a great Job! Your verses simply flow remarkably well.'A herculean task by a noble soul! ' God bless you and your work! Love, Dr John Celes
Very profound, beautiful writing. This, I believe, was meant to be. Thank you, Simon. Sandra