A07 The Flood

Poem By Simple Simon

To Noah said the Lord,
'Let your family be led
Into the boat. I find
You’ve only a clean mind.'

'What's right, you always do.
So, for the world, I need you.
Along with your family,
Take birds and animals safely.'

'Take seven pairs of clean animals,
One pair of unclean animals,
And seven pairs of clean birds
Of every beast and herd.'

'They're for reproduction;
On the earth, later once again,
I'll send rain after seven days,
That'll fall, nonstop, for forty days.'

'All the living beings will die,
When the flood water goes high, '
All the instructions which God said,
Everything exactly Noah did.

Six hundred years old he was,
When the flood began to rise.
All his family members went,
Well before the flood, God sent.

Birds and animals, clean or not,
Entered, one by one, the boat.
Seven days later, came the rain.
The flood too came that didn’t wane.

The water sources beneath,
All outlets of the earth,
Also burst open
In turn, one by one.

For forty days, rain fell on earth.
Everywhere there was death.
But there was enough depth,
For Noah's boat to berth.

Above the tallest mountain
Water rose to maintain
Its level for one hundred
And fifty days, all around.

On earth all those who breathed
One by one, they miserably died.
Only those in the boat survived
The onslaught of the Lord's deed.

Comments about A07 The Flood

Awesome write, Simon. The language is beautifully simple, but the message is profound. Encore! Kindest regards, Sandra

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