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A09 God's Covenant With Noah

1. God Blessed Them

It was a total annihilation.
The world lost its population.
The Lord came with His intention
To go for its early inhabitation.

He blessed Noah and his sons,
And said, 'Have many children,
Who'll spread all over the earth,
As your descendants henceforth.'

'It's my command and wish,
That all the animals, birds and fish
Will live in fear of you,
And they'll have to obey you.'

'You can eat them as food,
But not meat soaked in blood,
As life still exists in the blood,
So, eating that meat is not good.'

'Green plants also you can eat,
Besides this sanctioned meat.
As human life is precious to me;
But killers will be punished dearly.

'As man was made like God,
Any murderer shall be killed.
Any animal that takes a human life,
Be sure, I'll take away its life.'

'I'm making my covenant
With you and your descendants.
Besides the animals and birds
From the boat those returned.'

'I promise, I'll never repeat again,
The same destructive act of mine,
As a sign of this, you'll see my bow
In the sky in the form of rainbow.'

'The rainbow will remind me
Of the assurance given by me.
This is the promise I make,
For your peaceful existence sake.

by Simple Simon

Comments (1)

'Look to the rainbow and know that God never breaks a promise! Such a beautiful symbol of His mercy and grace. Awesome write, Simon. Sandra