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A12 God's Call To Abram

1. Abram at Holy Places

The Lord said to Abram,
A descendant of Shem,
'A place for you I'll show.
It’s better, there you go.'

'A nation there shall be,
With your descendants many,
In history of the famous men,
Your name will become one.'

Then Abram left Haran,
With Lot, his dear cousin,
Wife Sarai, beauteous one,
And his slaves, to Canaan.

After a very long march,
He reached a sacred tree Morch,
At the holy place, Sheehem,
Where God appeared 'fore him.

The Lord said, 'This is the place!
Your descendants will live in peace.'
An altar for the Lord, Abram built there,
And made it holy place forever

Between Bethel in west,
And Ai in east,
A camp he set,
And an altar he built.

He stayed not at one place,
But moved from place to place,
And went towards Canaan,
A part towards southern.

by Simple Simon

Comments (1)

Fascinating work, Simon.You have brought these ancient people to life in a very vivid way. May God continuie to bless your efforts. Regards, Sandra