A13 Abram And Lot Separate

From Egypt Abram then moved out,
With his family and nephew Lot;
Near Bethel they did settle,
With servants and their cattle.

An altar to worship he built.
The Lord's presence there he felt.
But in that place they found
There wasn't good pasture land.

It brought daily some friction;
And this became a routine
For servants to fight
For each one's grazing right.

They then agreed to separate
By mutual consent on a date,
To leave for better place,
So that all live in peace.

Lot moved to Jordan in the east
And settled in a valley best,
While Abram stayed at Canaan
With all his men, women.

The Lord appeared before Abram
And offered some more lands to him.
So, Abram settled at Hebron
He built an altar, one more one.

by Simple Simon

Comments (1)

So often in life future events are ruled by wise or unwise decisions. Lot's decision to depart from Abraham was an unfortunate one which brought ruin to many including his own wife. These bits of Biblical history fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. I await your next posting, Simon. Regards, Sandra