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A15 God's Covenant With Abram

Then God appeared before Abram,
And in kind words He spoke to him,
'To shield you, I'm here.
So, don't have any fear.'

But Abram answered, 'Oh, my Lord,
What for, to me, any reward?
As I’ve no children,
So far, not even one! '

'Some day, one of my slaves will,
Inherit my properties all.
You’ve been kind to me,
Bestow mercy on me.'

'Just see in the sky the stars.
That many children will be yours;
And only they’ll inherit.
Not a slave can go for it.'

When the Lord said this,
Doubting the words of His,
Abram then asked for proof
To confirm his belief.

The Lord then told Abram
To bring a cow, a goat, a ram
Among birds, a dove and a pigeon.
Abram brought Him, each one.

The animals, in half, Abram cut,
But two birds he left uncut.
When vultures came to eat,
He drove them from the site.

The sun was setting down.
Abram slept there alone.
He was disturbed by fear.
He felt a kind of terror.

The Lord Spoke to Abram

'For all four hundred years,
The descendants of yours,
They’ll all live as slaves.
Not here, but at a foreign place.'

'They'll suffer cruelty as slaves;
But the nation that enslaves,
Will get my punishment
For its cruel treatment.'

'You'll live upto a ripe old age.
And keep your spiritual good image.
You’ll then die in peace:
Be buried in this place.'

'They’ll return back here,
From wherever they’re;
And along with them,
Their wealth also will come.'

The sun began to set;
And it was dark throughout;
There came a fire-pot,
With smoke from out of it.

A flaming torch then passed.
A sudden jolt it caused.
Thro' cut animal pieces,
Those scattered in all places.

The Lord made there a covenant,
With Abram for his descendants,
'I promise to give them this land.
I'm telling you this beforehand.'

'From the border of Egypt,
To the River Euphrates,
They'll own this land,
And this is my command.'

by Simple Simon

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God's awesome covenant with Abraham very clearly and reverently expressed. Thank you, Simon. Regards, Sandra