A16 Hagar And Ishmael

Sarai, Abram's wife, had no children;
Her slave girl Hagar was an Egyptian;
Sarai offered this girl to Abram,
As a solution to this problem.

When Hagar became pregnant,
She turned very much arrogant.
She despised her mistress;
This put Sarai in distress.

When Sarai told this to Abram,
He told her to handle the same;
She treated the slave cruelly;
The girl ran away silently.

En way, the Lord's angel
Advised the slave girl,
To go back to her mistress
And continue her services.

He said, 'You'll have a son.
He'll be against everyone.
He'll be liked by none.
And always live alone.'

Born was a son to the slave girl;
Abram named him Ishmael;
Eighty-six years old he was then,
When thro' this girl, he got his son.

by Simple Simon

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The tragic result of Abraham and Sarah's lack of faith that God would keep His promise to give them a child in His own time.Excellent work, Simon. Regards, Sandra