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A17 Circumcision, The Sign Of The Covenant

Abram was ninety-nine years old,
When God appeared to him and told,
'Obey me. I'm the Almighty God,
To do what's right, you must be bold.'

With you and your descendants,
I'll make this covenant.
As an ancestor you'll be known
In the history of nations grown.'

'You'll no longer be Abram,
From now on, you'll be Abraham,
Since you're the ancestor
Of nations in future.'

'As kings, some of them,
They'll, one day become;
I'll be your God forever,
And for them wherever.'

'The land of Canaan
Will become their own;
As I've given my promise,
You too shall give your promise.'

'Every male baby born,
And also of slaves born,
You must all circumcise
As your return promise.'

'It’ll be a physical sign,
To show you’re all mine,
In case of those not done,
It'll be a promise broken.'

'Your wife is no longer Sarai,
But from now on she's Sarah.
I'll bless her with a son.
She'll be mother of nations.'

But Abraham had a doubt
A child how he would beget,
At hundred years when he was
And ninety, Sarah was.

'Why not my heir be Ishmael,
The son of the slave girl? '
When he asked like this
God opposed the idea of his.

'Sarah will bear you a son;
By next year he'll be born.
As Isaac you’ll name him.'
The Lord then left Abraham.

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It is apparent to me why Abraham has been known in history as the friend of God because God dealt with him so personally. Very good, Simon. Regards, Sandra