(aaa) Mother's Tears

Who would want to see those tears in your eyes
Who would want to bleed their hearts seeing those tears

Who would dare seeing you sobbing while dropping the tears
Who would want to hurt you as you are the only one

Who could understand and fully love us unconditionally
Who could make us a bright day when everything gets dark

Who could make us so strong with your words of endearment
Who could make us move to face life with hope in our hearts

Who could make us so strong despite eveyday's obstacles
Who could move our feet to face life's realities

Who could inspire us to face all our adversaries and win
Who could make us pause, and reflect the course of our action

Who could make things possible with God as your ally
Who in any anyway could afford to see the mother's tears

(To my Mom as I remember her 040310)

by Edwin Alba Empestan

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