(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

#### Come Again And Again

it goes through me

like a sword

and a fire

touches me

with ceaseless origin

your broken promises

made under the laughing sun

are withering like autumns

in tropical heat under the open sky

my desires burn slowly

and my shadow mingles with sands

my heart knows

you broke the vows

even then

my doors are opened for you

come back again

and again my dreams

and my all favors

are waiting for you

by Sahar Sahar

Comments (2)

Well, of course, I am dying to read this aloud, but the library frowns on this practice, so I shall copy the page and take it home with me...for I can hardly wait to sound aloud...AH, MA CREE, MA CREE, MA CREE. LYN
I am as deeply touched by this poem as anything you have ever written, because of not only the poem, but the essay at the bottom as well. Both are full of the pure beauty of one of your journeys into your childhood...and the childhood of each of us! I can feel the wind in my face as I crash down that hill (no hands!) , and I can taste the sweetness of that candy on my tongue, and I can hear my brother's heart beating next to mine. This is a pure beauty of a trip into your child- hood...and mine. Thank you for writing this one, Dearest Dear! It is perfection in more ways than I can name.