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Poem By Crystal Maresh

I try to hang with them
Whenever possible.
I just want to hang and be with them
If even for a while.

Now with the friends I made
It feels like they are abandoning me.
It hurts me inside.
I wish that they would invite me
But I guess I’m not worth it.

I don’t know what to do anymore
With them and how they are
I guess I’m not liked at all
Or they don’t want to be my friends.

They always do things together
Never inviting me
To hang or go on a trip with them.
Why does it happen to me.

I get this feeling in my heart
That they never liked me
But just tolerating me
For the sake of not hurting me.

I don’t like this feeling
That I have in my heart.
It’s tearing me apart
From the inside out.

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