NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

'Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here'

if a mind becomes unmanageable
in the eyes of the unimaginative,
does this pemit the latter,
to rip the heart from the home,
and the man from the bed.

imprisoned in a conctrete cell,
emotions vacumed and stored,
in containers on disorgaisned desks.
thoughts and feeling,
separated and slowed,
by majestic medication.
stomach's and faces,
bloated into oblivion.

wandering amogsnt the wanderers,
down cold white corridors,
splattered with helpline posters,
and hints and tips for a better life,
losing every inch of dignity within the smoking room,
gaining new skills of passive pleading.
watching seasons come and go,
from the golsfish bowl of your room.

waiting for ward round like a naughty
school boy.
your future decided by madmen.

an untameable mind sacrificed on the alter of misunderstanding

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Comments (3)

I was drawn to this when I saw the title because I love Dante, but I stayed with it because it's a bloody good poem. Well worth reading over and over too. Hugs Anna xxx
Agree with Declan! - The last line especially resounds. Nice one.
A gripping piece Vincent.