Abandon Me Not!

Poem By Chandrashekar a posy poet

At last
I must confess
And beg your pardon
as I wore many masks
One for friends
One for relatives
One for society
One for colleagues
One for boss
One for you
And one for every pretty lass
I have come across.
did manage to cheat
For a while
and terribly failed
Over my conscience
I am unfaithful my love
and have just dared to
Let the devil out and sigh!
Forgive me
If you can,
and punish me
If you wish
And for god sake
Abandon me not!

Comments about Abandon Me Not!

We have too many faces in life...many of them masked...at one point, we would get unmasked by something important we long for something we canot risk losing, just as you stand there with your bare face, Chandra...that moment infact embraces our real face...well meaning well composed write...10
shekar this is a real lovely poem yeah so many do just that specially when in love they wear so many masks only to attract the other side-- but then if one sees carefully thats life --thats what nature has destined for procreation. Isnt it? -10 anjali
a straight and sincere plea useful to 'man' kind

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