If you read this letter, please mail this to my family.
I'm confused, afraid, I feel lost.
Someone told me this place is my new home.
But where are my grown children!
I never see them anymore, "why"?
Some women wear white dresses here.
Don't they have other color of clothes to wear.
Why do I always have to do as they say.
Who do they think they are, I don't understand.
I don't know where I am, I'm so lonely.
I don't know anyone here, faces are of strangers.
I need my family to come and see me.
I do deeply miss them!
How happy I would be to see a love ones fact that I know.
I don't remember how of time has gone by.
I feel abandoned by my own kind.
So if you read this letter
Please mail this to my family.
I had forgotten there address.
For in here I've been striped of all important items.
Even myself will of hope!
I don't remember my name,
But anyway- I'm the one that was abandoned!

by Jan Demaggio

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