Abandoned Bliss

Poem By Ella Goodman

Secretly she craved for abandoned bliss,
Dreams beyond her sight full glimpse,
Of eternal hours of sacred care,
Glory filled long lasting times, ,
Of walking along in warm embrace,
Along the surfs that kiss the case.

Like the white gleaming shore in polished grace,
How she fancy her coarse thick grains- -
Lying on her bare bosom, from morn till dark,
Through ages they lace like pearls in sheilded bark.
However much the rumbling grains may soar her bosom red
Still she coax her wild beloved, embracing in love so unfaded,
No matter how much it scratch her vein.
Likewise she crave to hold the glowing glint,
Though scorch her cloak or blisters plinth.

Secretly she craved for abandoned bliss,
Though mocked Divine her much craved hiss.
And Holy hours turned to darkness filled,
Pain and wrath heavens they speak.
Sparking clouds and breaking seas,
Swirling winds and tempests greet,
Confronting her urge to follow her tryst.

Still she craved for forbidden feat,
To be lost in a moments lifetime bliss
To bask in serendipitous warmth,
Of pure embrace to unleash her stupefied form.
In deep delight dancing in silver light,
Among the sands that mark her flight
She held her heart to catch his one sight.

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A captivating and enjoyable poem! Love the last stanza! Sums up the write perfectly! Nicely done!

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