Abandoned Heart

I haven’t been to my heart since you were last there
I haveng found the courage to since I had lost your care

But now its time to go back as its been too long
I think I am ready now but I am afraid to be wrong

I reluctantly enter through that narrow tunnel
over every mountain and cave on my camel

I hadn’t thought that this much would change
I feel like I barely recognise it, everything feels strange

spider webs, echoes and darkness
two chairs knocked over by emptiness

two cups of cofee with a little left
rapping paper on the floor, wait there is a gift

I hear our voices and I can hear us shouting and laughing
I see reflections of our crowns when we used to be queen and king

I try to recall what happened then find a goodbye note
it’s not a familiar handwriting it must be one that destiny wrote

by Ayesha Sartawi

Comments (2)

Very moving poem, great images.
So touching so sad yet so great thanks for sharing.