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Abandoned Love
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Abandoned Love

Just a note to let you know I thought of you
Just a letter to let you know where I stand
Just to let you know that I still love you so
And that I still wear one golden band

A symbol now what is now abandoned love
Promises that failed to stand the time
Once for love was all about this ring
Now it only remains to haunt the mind

From this finger I tried hard to lay it down
When I thought the hurt I had enough
But every time I try tears flood these eyes
And I find the heart still hasn't given up

From this ring on my finger and the love that still lingers
The heart still over rules the mind
I've tried to lay it down but each time I've found
The memories of loving you still come around

This is just a note, a letter to let you know
That out here someone still loves you so
Just so you will know where this someone stands
On his finger is still one golden band.

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Comments (2)

Very very good, and filled once again with so much of your heart. Sometimes we must take the positive out of the negitive and move on, but I have a feeling you love from the depth of our soul, which shows in your writtings, and in my oppion, are excelent, but then again I am a romatic fool.... This is very tenderly wrtten from the sleve of your heart..... Excelent... Bonnie
Pretty Good Poem but a little too long and some words didn't make sense