SH (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)

Abandoned Prairie

A house sits empty
Upon the plains,
Left so suddenly
To bear it's own pains -
The windows broken
Doors open,
Dust walks right in...
and right out again.

No other homes
Any where in sight,
It moans alone
In the darkest part of night -
Sitting isolated on the Western prairie
Holding memories too strong to bury,
It looks and longs
For all who are gone...
From this country so solitary.

The abandoned prairie
Laughs in the wind,
At those intruders
Who tried in vain to tame this indefinate land -
With their weak cattle
To replace the buffalo,
And wretched reservations to capture
The proud Indian people of long ago.

Where are these invaders now, and
How shall they be found,
Lying so still
In the cold prairie ground.
And yet, the endless wind blows on
Singing so contrary,
The only one to never
Abandon the lonesome prairie.

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Comments (3)

Full Of pathos and in the end the terrible Irony. Well written piece with so much feeling.
So glad you enjoyed Hand Haying. Liked this one too, reminded me of mine - Forgotten Old Cabin - Adeline
A great poem with a beautiful flow. A great write.