Abandonment And Abhorrence

</>Abhorrent, disgusting,
Destructive emotions.

Abandoned and lonely
A disparaging notion

My crux, it bleeds
As tears form an ocean

I fall to my knees
Stop this commotion!


O’ what a cruel dagger
That dares pierce me
Stabbing at my heart
Digging into arteries
Ripping into veins
Tearing out pieces
Remorselessly cutting

To be disowned is
The greatest terror
The ultimate stress
The constant nausea

This chained dog,
Thrown to the curb,
Spits at its former master,
Walks into the street with
His misguided blessing

Relentless anger
Fear and hunger
Engulf a meager
Soul, worn so
Goddamn thoroughly

Let the world mock me
With exuberant spite
My hatred shall not be
Wasted on them

My loathe is saved
Solely for you,
A vile, repugnant,
Wicked, malevolent,
Arrogant, selfish,
Demon child
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by Alex Gomez

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