PM (4th November.1988 / Lusaka)

Abash Child Abuse

I just saw myself regaining my consciousness from the intensive care unit. As I tried consulting how long I had been admitted, only to be told that I was there for three weeks and two days. It was sad that I was never the same. I was discharged as a disabled person. I been brutally punished by my aunt for stealing a piece of meat. Look at me and you wouldn't want to look at me again for a single minute. my hands have been distorted, my face looks as if I'm the one that acted a horror movie the wolf man. I no longer have hips, I look as if I have been planed like the way a carpenter planes a door to smoothen it. My back is not touchable, it is rough and now pricks like a tree that produces Roses and My chest looks as if I have tar toes all over my body and yet those are scars on my body. I now use a peripheral device to be able to get what people are saying like a laptop that uses headsets for reason being that the internal ear piece is damaged. Its because my ears have been chopped off my her.

Child abuse is my cry of the day. It will be my cry of the month, a protest of the year and a boycott of a century so long as my issues are not addressed. My message is simple, Abash child abuse time is now. I am a survivor of the brutal abuse but not every child is, a lot of children have innocently lost their lives and are still loosing. Day by day children get mistreated, made to do heavy duties beyond their strength, and made to abort school for their (guardians and parents) selfish dirty businesses. because of this some have said, `ENOUGH IS ENOUGH` and have resorted to going on the street, thinking it is safer their yet it is even worse. Whilst on the street because of things lacking in their lives, they end up engaging in bad acts like stiffing Bostitch, and robbing people. Enough is Enough, `ABANA BACHULA, NAKUKWANA` we shall no-longer be silent. We shall not just sit down and just cry, we shall act to fight the act. We have become children right freedom fighters, we shall fight in the morning, afternoon, evening and all the time till we defeat.

We fear no one because the law is on our side. If children were all to die then who is going to take over leadership of our country, who will take care of the old people, when they are are very old. Then who is going to bury our grandparents when they die because they want their grandchildren to bury them. This is a cry of a child, `Please I beg, do not overwork me, like a slave or a donkey. I'm also human and I too get tired! At-least give me chance to education, just like any adult that has been able to go to school, please allow me as well. My other cry is to plead with you not to inflict pain into my body, I also react to pain. I just like any other person, have the right to liberty and social security. I have lost a lot of my beloved friends and I'm now alone please, don't let me join them. No one wherever would want to die including you, please spare my life.............................................................! `

child Abuse is an offense, let us all join, this fight, it does not require a single person for it to be conquered, it requires everyone. Together, we can win, together we can bring all the culprits to books. I'm appealing to the government and parliament, please stiffen the punishments for child abusers, defilers, and molesters. `I don't want to be defiled, I don't want to be raped, I don't want pain on my body. Respect me as a person and think of me as you! .`, cries a child Abash child Abuse time is now!

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