(August 4th,1926 / New York City)


There’s a drug, now the rage, called Viagra
It’s become famous far and wide
As it’s used from Waltham to Niagara
And over the great divide

“What’s the cause of such appreciation”
I asked an appreciative wife
“It lengthened my husband’s abbreviation
And gave us a more satisfying life”

I asked another young lady
Who seemed happier then most
Her answer was not a bit shady
As she drank to Viagra a toast

There’s no reason to shorten a good thing
It just makes its owner unfit
Ask any couple having a good fling
They won’t want it shortened a bit

So to you, the Viagra creator
For stretching abbreviated gear
You are mankind’s greatest elate-or
And deserve our unabbreviated cheer

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Great writing. I enjoyed this one a lot, the way you phrased it all.