Abc 2 (C) 8-11-07

After so many tribulations we all stand strong
Because we have faith and our stand will never be wrong
Crazy stupid weird and dumb is what they say
Do we listen, no because they don't understand our way
Even though it may seem strange there's nothing they can do
Fury is the way we feel when they say we're wrong too
Great wrath shall come upon them if they keep denying
However they try to persecute us it's them that will be dying
If ever I shall die because of my strong stand
Just know that my fellow followers will take the upper hand
Kill everyone that thinks they can destroy us
Let em by all their going to do is annoy us
Men, women, children time to prepare for the fight
Now is the time to take down anyone that comes into sight
Overall we have the advantage we have the strongest guild
People may think they can win cause they better know the field
Quiet their mouths and make them retreat
Run run run away as they suffer their defeat
Sound the alarms the battle has been won
The winner they sought out we were the one
Under no control of anyone but our reigning king
Vowed the day his servants will have a victory sing
We are victorious in everything we say and do
Xamine our way of teaching and you'll win too
Young and old people come together like a dream
Zero tolerance for the World of War craft dream team

by Corey Threet

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Very strong Good write 10ss....
Another excellent work, love with 10.